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High speed industry blowing machine
High speed industry blowing machine, which is used for venting, cleaning and drying stand for air compressor, can save energy of 80%, About 2-6 RMB per hour.
There are 3 styles:D1/D2/D3
1. With different options of speed
2. Top speed (D1: 35m/s D2: 50m/s D3: 65m/s)
3. Low energy cost(D1: 0.15-0.4kw/h D2: 0.25-0.8kw/h D3:0.4-1.3kw/h)
4. Alarming system of air block
5. Independent cycle of power.

Multi-function testing machine for sealing tube
This product is for testing water cooling system of mould, with 7 kind of functions, easy operate.
2 style: Base advance
1. Check if any block on water cooling system, alarming if blocked.
2. Visible volume of water 0.01-0.25L/s
3. Adjustable pressure 15-25kg/cm2
4. Check if any leaking, alarming if leaking.
5. Cleaning water after checking.
6. Visible window with data of water volume.
7. Note after completeing testing.

Testing machine for ejection system of mould
The product is developed for testing ejection system of mould.
1.Different option of pulling and pushing, 0.3T-1.5T
2. Moving distance of 100m
3.Available of different connector(M12. M16. M20. 1/2. 5/8. 3/4)
4. Easy connector of T style.

Energy conservation for oil pumper
This product can offer different 5 channels for oil volume.
Style: D1/D2
1. Different channels to fit different demands.
2. Low speed can save life of oil pumper.
3. Oil will not be easy ejected when EDM.
4. Clean oil can improve speed of sparking with better EDM surface.

Air booster
This product can add air preesure of air compressor to 8kg/cm, which can offer energy conservation.
1. Energy conservation.
2. Improve life of air pipes and air compressor.
3. Add air pressure of 5KG/MC at least
4. Adjustable option for different pressure.


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